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hotel linen wash and rental service

Hotel & Motel

We take away the headaches…

We offer a unique service for Hotels and Banquet Halls across Central Kentucky. We understand the stresses of throwing an event and the last thing you want to worry about is ironing or pressing linens. Our team will deliver your pressed linens on time and ready for install, alleviating stress and freeing you to focus on the other details.

wash and fold linen cleaning service

Linen Cleaning Services

Need Linens Laundered?

Rest assured, your linens are safe with us. Simply drop your linens off at our Eastland Park location to have your linens carefully laundered, pressed and hung. Our years of experience has equipped us with the skills and techniques necessary to treat, restore and spot clean linens of all varieties.  

we can remove the smell of smoke from linens and clothing

                          Fire Restoration
Have smoke damage?
Nobody ever plans to fall victim to a fire. Besides obvious structural damages, fires can cause considerable damage to the different fabrics in your home and to your clothing. When dealing with fabrics after a fire, it is important to know that the handling of these garments can cause additional damage and potentially ruin the garments so it is important to take immediate and appropriate action.
Fire creates two types of smoke damage — the visible soot and the invisible odor. Because each fire is different, no garment can be treated the same way.
Carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing usually can be refurbished after a fire, except for scorched or severely water damaged items.
For fire and smoke treatment, we offer dry cleaning services to remove soot and climate smoke odors from your clothing and other impacted fabrics.

linen and clothing restoration from water damage

Water Damage Restoration

Get everything back in order

In addition to linen rental, we offer clothing restoration services in case you should ever experience water damage. We utilize Arti Clean Ozone laundry system to eliminate odors, kill germs, deodorize and brighten colors, leaving clothes smelling fresh and soft. In your time of crisis, let our family take care of yours.

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